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Shipping policy

General conditions of sale and guarantee:
1. Shipping: We ship the order in a neutral and resistant packaging to ensure the content. Included in the package the customer receives the product, and information on their use. All orders are sent by registered mail or express service within 12-24 working hours after receipt of order. Once the order has been sent, we send an email to communicate customer shipment number, invoice and other related information.

2. Deliveries: Podium Cosmetics is not responsible for the delay of delivery or courier service errors, or transport to the customer's home. The delivery times indicated in our online store are "ESTIMATED" (Read more about deliveries for USA, Canada and Latin America) If the customer wants any other means of delivery, might have to pay the difference in postage to be calculated separately. If the client is not at home to receive its order, the postman or carrier will leave a notice to pick it up at the post office or branch. The client has 15 working days to withdraw its order from receipt of the notice. The customer should consult with the number of issue provided by email, the detailed status of the shipment at all times to prevent its return. If the customer does not take the product delivered without any justification, must pay the shipping costs and the costs of return and claim if applicable.

3. Claims in deliveries: In the unlikely event that the order does not arrive within the period indicated at customer premises, 8 working days for Spain (15 days for the rest of the world) the client must contact us by phone or email to proceed with the corresponding claim. The client must wait the necessary time for research set by shipping services, (maximum 30 days for normal post, 15 days for express delivery). When there is evidence that the package has been lost and unrecoverable, we will proceed to full reimbursement of the order or replacement, BUT NOT BEFORE COMPLETING THE INVESTIGATION.

4. Deliveries to abroad: For service outside the European Union, Podium Cosmetics does not guarantee that delivery will not be burdened with a tariff or products deemed prohibited by customs services of the country concerned. The client, before making purchases outside their country and to avoid unpleasant surprises, should inquire about tariffs and prohibitions of the customs service of his country regarding cosmetic products, if any. Read notice for shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. If the package is returned by the postal service of the country of destination, to its origin, and products as a whole have not suffered any damage, podium Cosmetics apply in this case paragraph 6 of the guarantee and will refund the purchase amount minus the shipping charges. In case of deterioration or lack of products, also it deducts the amount of products that have been tampered with and unrecoverable.

5. Incidents: Products with incidents caused by breakages, damage, or manufacturing defects or errors by Podium Cosmetics, will be replaced free of charge. If error or damage to the products are caused by the customer, it must pay for the replacement of damaged product. If return of the package to the sender is due to address, or incorrect names, not operational email, inability to meet the postman or carrier by absence of the recipient at home, confusion or mistakes when formulating the order in our online store, etc .. the customer must pay the cost of re-shipping the product to its home for returning the product (transportation round trip).

6. Warranty: Podium Cosmetics guarantees repayment of the price paid if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase, provided that the products have not been opened or manipulated. Retractions, exchanges, returns or claims will not be accepted after the deadline of 14 days from receipt of order. Podium Cosmetics will proceed to refund the price paid minus shipping costs, when the returned product is in good condition.

7. Insurance: If the package has been damaged during transportation or open for inspection by the postal service or by customs authorities with or without the presence of the client, the client should never accept receipt of the package without first check that the content has not changed and the products are in full and in good condition. Otherwise, the customer must imperatively establish its claim by writing, confirmation by the postal service and send us a copy as soon as possible. Important: If the package is accepted while there is evidence of manipulation or damage of the latter and its contents has been deteriorated, insurance will not consider subsequent claim, and therefore will not be entitled to compensation. In this case Podium Cosmetics apply paragraph 6 of warranty. The customer will send us their claims by email using the contact form made available, or by mail, indicating the order number or the number of issuing post office, address and telephone number (do not forget to add the prefix for the country or province),

8. Prices and payment: Our prices are listed on our price list and the online store, including tax, plus shipping if applicable. For payments by bank transfer, commissions and bank charges for these services will be exclusively borne by the customer. Payment via PayPal in our online store has no expenses or commissions for the customer.

9. Privacy: In accordance with the provisions of the applicable law on the protection of personal data, Podium Cosmetics website owner informs users of the site, about the existence of an automated personal data file created by Podium Cosmetics, which is stored under the responsibility of the company. Read Privacy Policy

10. Final: Placing an order implies for the customer, to have read, understood and accepted the terms of these conditions of sale.

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