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Save your nails

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                                          Nail Repair Serum

General considerations:
Worldwide, at least two out of three women and two out of four men are considered to suffer from nail fragility or abnormalities. Most of them do not give importance to the early symptoms, although they can be a forewarning of these abnormalities in order to undertake early care and get rid of the root causes of the same.

Thanks to over 30 years’ continuous experience in research and innovation in skin cosmetics, the laboratories of Podium Cosmetics, nail care specialists, have succeeded in creating an exceptional product for the care and treatment of fragile and brittle nails.

Definition of fragile nails:
Fragile nails are characterized by their tendency to soften, break, fracture or split. The main causes are traumatic processes or the use of chemical products such as alkaline detergents, solvents, aggressive manicure, false nails, bad cosmetics, enamels and hardeners with an excessive level of formalin, or badly formulated and abrasive nail polish remover, among others. It should be remembered that a poor diet coupled with a person’s lifestyle can produce anaemia due to lack of vitamins and minerals and also activate the processes giving rise to fragile nails.

What is Podium Nail Repair Serum?
The essential purpose of Podium Nail Repair Serum is to apply, as an intensive treatment, all the necessary active principles directly to the nails in the form of a Serum for topical use. The beneficial effects become evident much faster and you can note in a remarkable way the complete regeneration of the nail with the gradual disappearance of unwanted abnormalities and the restoration of natural nail growth.

Composition of Podium Nail Repair Serum:
The formula of Podium Nail Repair Serum consists essentially of a vitamin complex, a mineral complex, the essential keratins, lysine and biotin, the main chemical compounds of the nails, and several natural substances with nutritive, regenerative, revitalizing and strengthening properties, natural hardeners, moisturizers, lipid regulators such as wheat germ oil, castor oil, bamboo extract (calcium) and protective substances against external aggressions.

Action of Podium Nail Repair Serum:
Very fragile, friable, brittle, soft, ridged, split nails, nails with no growth or slow, archaic growth, nails damaged by aggressive manicure. This product actively creates fast regeneration and growth of bitten nails, lacking vitamins and minerals, highly recommended for the maintenance and protection of healthy nails and guitarists’ nails.

Results are clearly noticeable from the first applications of the product. Nails grow faster, harden, become stronger and more flexible, ridges are noticeably reduced and nails find their natural balance and colour and an extraordinary vitality.

Instructions for use:
Preferably, at any free time, use the dispenser to apply a few drops of the product to clean, polish-free nails, rubbing in lightly until fully absorbed. Repeat the process 2 or 3 times. In this way, the nail acquires resistance, strength and elasticity. Do not wash your hands straightaway; allow the product to act for a few minutes. Continue this intensive treatment until you are satisfied with the result obtained. Repeat the same intensive treatment before each manicure. Do not varnish your nails until the first intensive treatment is complete. It is not necessary to use nail hardener as the formula includes natural hardener.

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