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Save your nails

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                                 Nail polish remover regenerating

The frequent use of degreasing and abrasive substances such as badly formulated nail polish removers is usually the main cause for fragile nails which flake and break.

Podium nail polish remover includes in its formula active nutrients, vitamin F and regenerating natural oils. It provides the necessary grease content to maintain the right level of nail tissue lipids, gently dissolving nail polish and respecting your nail's natural balance without drying them out. Product analyses returned a primary skin irritation of zero. The product is therefore completely harmless in terms of guarantee and safety of use. Very suitable for fragile and brittle nails.

Directions for use: Using a cotton pad soaked with the product, remove nail polish gently. Repeat the operation if necessary. Following, wash your hands with soap and dry your nails before applying treatment or nail polish, otherwise regenerating and protecting oils contained in the product may difficult nail hardener or polish adherence to the nail plate.

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