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                                      Nail hardener triple action

Podium Nail hardener is not just another Strengtheners. It is a very well balanced formula free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde, to which active triple action principles, the main components of this product, have been associated.

Due to its composition including minerals, calcium and aluminium, it acts as a strengthening nutritional base. It is therefore highly recommended for fragile and brittle nails.

Thanks to its regenerating action with wheat germ and castor oil, it prevents nail chipping, breakage and flaking. It improves nail polish adherence to the nail plate, forming a hard and flexible layer on nails and preventing cracking.

Its formula, enriched with proteins, keratins, vitamin F and UV filters provides nails with greater protection against external aggressors such as cold temperatures, water, detergents, hits and other abuse.

From the first application you will see how your nails become strong, smooth and shiny, and you will be convinced that you have used a product with a difference.
An essential follow-up to treatment with the Podium nail growth revitaliser.

Directions of use: Apply 2 thin layers if used alone, or 1 thin layer if used as a base for nail polish.

Important note:In order to make the treatment as effective as possible, never use aggressive, badly formulated nail polish removers. Damage to keratin, nails’ natural protective layer, is usually due to such products which leave nails defenceless against external aggressors and changes. We recommend you use our Podium nail polish remover regenerator.

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