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NAIL GROWTH Revitalizer
Price: € 9,00
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Treatment for brittle splitting and broken nails

An intensive, prolonged-action treatment complex for fragile and brittle nails. This strengthening revitalizer provides all basic nutrients, vitamins and minerals required to strengthen nails and boost their healthy growth.

From the first few applications, you will notice how your nails start growing faster and become harder, as well as more flexible and resilient. Very suitable to regenerate bitten nails.

Directions for use: intensive treatment Apply daily on clean polish-free nails, using either an impregnated cotton pad or the thumb which is wet with the product. Gently massage until the product has been fully absorbed. Repeat the operation 2 or 3 times. Continue the treatment one week until you are satisfied with the results. Repeat the intensive treatment every 2 or 3 months. During the intensive treatment, we recommend that you do not paint your nails until you have completed the treatment. After this first intensive treatment we suggest – as a protection and prevention – to apply one or two thin coats of our Podium nail hardener also before painting your nails with a decorative nail polish.

Important note In order to make the treatment as effective as possible, never use aggressive, badly formulated nail polish removers. Damage to keratin, nails’ natural protective cover, is usually due to such products which leave nails defenceless against external aggressors and changes. We recommend to use our Podium Nail polish remover regenerator.

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