Shipping by mail for the United States, Canada, Latin America and countries outside the European Union.

Spain Post informs that shipments to the United States, are suffering delays in delivery of up to 30 days or more, because the controls set by the postal administration of the United States for reasons of air safety.

Also, the delivery times for Latin American countries are indeterminate and may take 20 to 30 days or more, depending on the country.

For service outside the European Union, Podium Cosmetics does not guarantee that delivery will not be taxed fee or products prohibited by customs services of the correspondind country. The client, before making purchases outside their country and to avoid surprises, must be reported in its mailroom on tariffs and prohibitions of the customs service and post office, concerning cosmetic products, if any.

Before committing to order our products, please seriously consider this information, in order to avoid inconveniences beyond our control. As some countries do not support cosmetic products containing flammable substances by mail air. For example: nail polish, nail polish remover, hardeners, etc..

Our products Podium Nail Repair Serum and revitalizing Podium nail grower, are not considered flammable and are admitted worldwide, according to the international regulations. For more information askcustomer services

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